How to Spot an Honest French Bulldog Breeder


The most basic quality to look for when looking for a healthy bulldog is by looking at the breeder. It is important to find a breeder that has a pure compassion for breeding a baby bulldog. Since bulldogs are quite expensive, it is essential to find a quality breeder that you can be assured to be honest.


Natural love for bulldogs is a must in finding an honest bulldog breeder. This means that full attention on bulldog breeding is what the breeder is engaged in. This enables you to assess that the breeder avoids any sort of puppy mills. Like a livestock, puppy mills is producing too much puppies that makes it very hard for breeders to pay attention to each one a supply the necessary love and care for every pup.


Honest breeders encourage you to come over so you can see the kind of environment the breeding will take place. You must observe the facility where the baby bulldog will be kept to grow into a happy and healthy puppy. Questions must be prepared by this time to enable you to ask anything that you believe is important with regards to the breeding process. Honest breeders will be more than willing to answer any question that you have. For further details regarding French bulldog breeders, you may visit


If you know someone that has past experience with a certain breeder, you can ask them for more information. You must ask the basic questions such as how their experience was dealing with the breeder and how they were able to get a hold and contact the breeder. Most bulldog owners are happy to share their experience and how satisfied they are with the breeder. When it comes to unsatisfied customers, they usually vent out on the internet.


You can ensure authenticity of a breeder from by asking if the vet of the baby French bulldog's parents is certified to be a regular. The breeder must be very open to you about these matters since these are the proof of their integrity as breeders. However, it is highly recommended that you choose to take your baby bulldog to your own vet. There should be no worries if you choose your own vet for the baby bulldog's regular check-up.


It is better to have a breeder that would offer a return policy. This will guarantee you that there is no genetic defect or unseen health disorders on the French baby bulldog when you get to take it home with you. Good breeders is more than willing to keep the frienchies for sale rather than to give them to hesitant owners.


For the final reminder, always keep in mind that an owner of a dozen French bulldogs does not necessarily make them an actual bulldog breeder. High quality French bulldog breeders are not easy to find and will take a lot of thoughtful consideration.