The Wheres and Hows of Purchasing a French Bulldog


A French bulldog is one of the most wonderful puppies that you can take home as pet and deciding to choose it above the rest of other dogs is very critical to make. But when you have already made up your mind, there are two things that you need to select from. One is to rescue a French bulldog and the other is to purchase one from a breeder. The first option is preferable because it lets you hand a helping hand to a pitiful dog that is deprived of a good home. However, if you want to purchase a dog from a breeder instead, there is nothing wrong with that.


Where to Purchase a French Bulldog

1. Select a Standard Breeder

Since you are now on your way to buying a French bulldog, it is important to know that some of the frienchies sold in the market these days are not AKC (American Kennel Club) registered. Dogs that are not registered are not safe to purchase as they may come with deadly conditions. Not only that, the people who are selling them are not registered or licensed and they are considered as culprits to the society. The act of purchasing a dog from breeders like this implies a support to the activities that they do.  You can also learn more about French bulldogs by checking out the post at


2. Contact the American Kennel Club

The AKC is your helper when you want to find a quality French bulldog breeder of frenchie puppies for sale. Right at the website of AKC, you can find an online breeder classified. From there, you can get to know registered breeders who are operating near your location. You may alternatively reach out to AKC by phone to ask them to help you look for registered breeders who are operating in your locality.


3. Scrutinize Your Breeder

Getting a breeder that is listed with the AKC is not the end of the task. Being a buyer, you do have the assignment of scrutinizing your breeder before deciding to purchase a puppy from him. Of course, you would need to scrutinize the puppy itself. Ask to see its pedigree and determine to know if both of its parents are also registered with the AKC. Any good breeder do have these documents ready.


In reality, there's a big responsibility to having a French bulldog (or any other kind of dog). It is important that once you have found the right dog from the right breeder at, you know what your responsibilities are and are ready to do the same.